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“Sketchbooks are a companion to me,” said artist Amie Ziner. “I always have a sketchbook with me.”




Light streamed through the windows of Ziner’s dining room, illuminating the artifacts, handcrafts, and artwork that enliven her arts-infused life.

Of special note were the stacks of small sketchbooks she has been filling for the better part of four decades — elements of which are now on display for a limited, one-week exhibition at 101 Threads, the gallery at 118 Court St.. The show opened on Sept. 19 and will move a few streets over to The Happiness Lab, at 756 Chapel St., at the end of the week.

Although the bound volumes contain sketches, many composed of typical, multiple-view studies, they also contain finely elaborated paintings, renderings, and multimedia musings, evidence of the skilled hand of someone not only making art, but living it.


Along with samples of her actual sketchbooks are two 3’ x 10’ murals with images culled and reproduced from those sketchbooks. They are dense montages that reveal only an aspect of Ziner’s creative output.

A visual scan of the murals reveals a deft and confident facility for rendering the things she sees, feels, and experiences. Figurative and primarily representational, Ziner’s imagery shows her connection to people and nature, subjects she often combines to great effect.

“I find Amie’s work to be deep, rich and vibrant, with a range that matches her character,” said 101 Threads owner Brian Monahan. A mini slide show extends the number of images on view, but still represents only a fraction of her overall body of work.


One can now add threads to the ceremonial ribbons Mayor Toni Harp has been cutting across the city lately — 101 of them, to be exact.

Harp attended the grand opening of 101 Threads at 118 Court St.

She was there along with representatives from the Town Green Special Services District’s most recent Friday “On9” program as they celebrated the innovative art gallery, which is dedicated to “cultivating the intangible.”

Business partners Brian Monahan and Vishal Patel — whose other venture, A Happy Life Coffee (“the world’s only coffee shop dedicated to happiness!”) recently launched at the Grove at 756 Chapel St. — have founded a unique art gallery that they hope will not only function as an arts cooperative for the 101 artists it plans to represent, but as a community activity gathering place.

“We plan on having other events throughout the week, such as poetry slams, spoken word events, readings, dance and music events — we are open to many forms of art and uses of the space,” said  Monahan.